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North Shore Bank of Commerce
For those without smart phones, or those not wanting to use data for our Mobile App, we also offer Text Banking! You can check your account balances, review recent transactions, or transfer funds on your accounts from your phone by simply sending a text.

To initiate the enrollment process; if you are a Mobile App user simply click “Text Banking” on the menu and accept the terms and conditions. If you want Text Banking without utilizing our Mobile App, please contact us.
 Command Description
bal List your account balances for your subscribed accounts
bal xxxx Show the balance for the specified account. 
(xxxx=last four of your account number) 
bal pseudo
Show the balance for the specified amount. 
(pseudo=pseudo name you gave your account) 
xfer xxxx yyyy Transfer funds between active SMS accounts
(xxxx=last four of the source account number)
(yyyy=last four of the destination account number)
hist Show recent transactions for your accounts.
hist pseudo Show recent transactions for the specified account.
(pseudo=pseudo name you gave your account)
help Show list of available commands.
stop or suspend Immediately suspends the SMS service.
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